Handcrafted Tree Star Topper | Various colours



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Finish off your tree with a gorgeously sparkly, Christmas star topper. These stars come in gold, silver and rose gold.

Having had the joy of decorating my first own tree in 2020, I had the perfect star in mind for it yet couldn’t find them in shops so being the creative I am I decided to make my own! I’ve refined this design and simplified it for recreation.

Stars have been crafted with a special mechanism on the back to make slotting it on the top of your tree easier!

Size: 220mm(h) x 220mm(w) x 30mm(d)

Note: Stars are made with a wire base, whilst all care has been taken to ensure no sharp edges remain there might be the odd one. Children should not be left with these decorations unsupervised.

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Gold, Silver, Rose Gold