So, where are you really from?

A big thank you to Pennycress for including me in their wonderful, first zine. It’s a great compilation and celebration of creatives of colour up North. The first issue focuses on the theme “So, where are you really from?” Thanks so much for commissioning my first pieces of writing but most importantly championing something so important and needed in the industry right now.

My seven-year-old niece totally thinks I’m famous now that my picture has been printed.

Check out Pennycress’ website for info on how you can secure a limited copy, get supporting creatives of colour.

Instagram: @pennycress.zine

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Less of a pout more of a cheesy grin. Breaking awkward moments with inappropriate humour. Apparently more noticeably northern with O’s (home, go). A bookworm that struggles to find the time to read. Known to exclaim at the sexiness of paper. A former chromophobe learning to embrace colour. Life drawing artist turned weekend painter. Loves green, but a very specific hue, once coined as wimbledon green. Described as complex by a fave former tutor. Likes the smell of coffee but is a tea drinker. Severely vitamin D deficient according to the doctor. Unapologetically brown. Adores writing but often feels like an imposter. Newly found appreciation of podcasts, waking early and wearing less makeup – but the weakness for lippy remains. Tried a reduced meat diet for almost a year but mama cooks really nice chicken. Learning not to internalise criticism. Collector of quotes – no really a book exists. A crafty mind: witty words and an opportunist for making. Forever looking up at architecture, skies and liminal spaces thus consequently tripping over. Keen gardener, remember – green.

(Inspired by the pouts of Instagram. Fueled by the false advertisement of ourselves on social media, to the world. Be honest. There’s always nuances.)

Words & visuals: Radhika Mary
A self initiated piece, follow more at @radmakes