Less of a pout more of a cheesy grin. Breaking awkward moments with inappropriate humour. Apparently more noticeably northern with O’s (home, go). A bookworm that struggles to find the time to read. Known to exclaim at the sexiness of paper. A former chromophobe learning to embrace colour. Life drawing artist turned weekend painter. Loves green, but a very specific hue, once coined as wimbledon green. Described as complex by a fave former tutor. Likes the smell of coffee but is a tea drinker. Severely vitamin D deficient according to the doctor. Unapologetically brown. Adores writing but often feels like an imposter. Newly found appreciation of podcasts, waking early and wearing less makeup – but the weakness for lippy remains. Tried a reduced meat diet for almost a year but mama cooks really nice chicken. Learning not to internalise criticism. Collector of quotes – no really a book exists. A crafty mind: witty words and an opportunist for making. Forever looking up at architecture, skies and liminal spaces thus consequently tripping over. Keen gardener, remember – green.

(Inspired by the pouts of Instagram. Fueled by the false advertisement of ourselves on social media, to the world. Be honest. There’s always nuances.)

Words & visuals: Radhika Mary
A self initiated piece, follow more at @radmakes