Father’s Day

For the ones who grew up most or all of their childhood without a dad, I hear

For the ones who spent every weekend at the cemetery as a kid, I feel you.

For the ones only recently coping with grief, I won’t lie to you and say it gets easier but it does become bearable.

This one is for the fathers taken before their time, before we were ready, the ones who aren’t with us today, for the kids still grieving, for the ones whose lives are just that little bit incomplete. You’re not alone.

Words & Illustration: Radhika Mary

So, where are you really from?

A big thank you to Pennycress for including me in their wonderful, first zine. It’s a great compilation and celebration of creatives of colour up North. The first issue focuses on the theme “So, where are you really from?” Thanks so much for commissioning my first pieces of writing but most importantly championing something so important and needed in the industry right now.

My seven-year-old niece totally thinks I’m famous now that my picture has been printed.

Check out Pennycress’ website for info on how you can secure a limited copy, get supporting creatives of colour.

Instagram: @pennycress.zine

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